Our mission for this home was to demonstrate that modern houses need not be cold, but can still be very comforting and instil a sense of sanctuary. Oftentimes minimalist homes project a sense of unwelcome, and it was our intention to prove otherwise.

Modern geometric aspects in lighting fixtures, wall millwork and rugs were warmed up with a hint of rustic at every turn – while the dining chairs and living room upholstered furniture are quite modern in design, the rustic leather added a coziness to them for balance. Transitional pieces of artwork that lie between contemporary and rustic were carefully chosen to warm spaces that were otherwise nearly industrial in feel. Wood stains were selected on a varied spectrum of cool to rich hues, but uniform saturation was maintained in all the pieces to tie the rooms together. The basement suite was transformed into an airy haven by adding soft blue touches and ensuring that plenty of indoor lighting compensated for the lack of windows and natural light.