This lakeside retreat home was intended to showcase everything that The Cutter’s Edge is most known for: hand-crafted heirloom furniture, gorgeous home decor accent pieces that liven and warm up spaces, and clean yet inviting textiles and tableware that round out a space without becoming overbearing focal points.

The wooden pieces were carefully selected to demonstrate that various textures and stain finishes can play harmoniously together in one home. In the living room the windswept wormy maple furniture in driftwood sand stain offers a clean base to which pops of greenery and decor can be added to liven the communal space – pillows, artwork and decor can be swapped at any time to create a brand new feel for the room without needing to change the foundational furniture pieces.

Wormy Maple wood continues to show its presence in the loft style guest bed, this time in a smooth charcoal finish. Utilizing the same wood while playing with stains and textures created an organic continuity in the home.

The guest bedroom was the perfect place to show off the stunning characteristics of Windswept Oak and to demonstrate that it is making its way back as a favourite for solid wood furniture. In order to modernize the Oak, a more cool grey/brown stain was used in a lighter saturation to showcase the beautiful cathedrals that it is so famous for. Hints of aluminum hardware further serve to modernize this staple wood species.

The master bedroom features our signature Lake Muskoka bed in a lighter provincial stain, which serves to showcase the rough saw marks. This same bed in a barn-board or royal mission stain would immediately place it on the rustic end of the spectrum, yet the lighter stain ensures it sits gently on the fence between rustic and modern.