Information on Solid Wood

All Solid Wood will move in relation to changes in relative humidity. A 42" wide solid top table may shrink 1/4" in the width. After the first heating season, the initial shrinkage will have happened and the product becomes more stable. It will however continue to expand and contract from its stabilized point. 
It will contract in the winter and expand in the summer. Movement always occurs in the width of the boards. 
Movement never occurs in the length of the boards. 
If your home is climate controlled between 40% - 50% it will minimize the movement and increase the stability of the product. If your home gets too dry in the winter, your table could shrink to the point that the wood is under so much stress it could crack. 
Brown maple and white maple come out of the same tree, but brown maple is the heartwood of the tree and white maple is the sapwood of the tree. There are no product integrity differences between brown maple and white maple. There will always be a mixture of brown maple and white maple in a life of raw lumber. The price difference between brown maple and white maple is relative to the fact that white maple has a higher percentage of waste than does brown maple, because colour is a defect in white maple. In short, the only difference between brown maple and white maple is the colour of the raw material. 
Janka Hardness Test
The Janka Hardness Test measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear. It measures the force required to embed a 11.28mm steel ball into the wood to half the ball's diameter. Below are the hardnesses of the standard wood types we work with.
Eastern White Pine: 380 Janka
Alder: 590 Janka
Cherry: 950 Janka
Soft Maple: 950 Janka
Wormy Maple: 950 Janka
Curly Soft Maple 950 Janka
Red Oak 1290 Janka
Quarter Sawn Red Oak 1290 Janka
Hard Maple 1450 Janka
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